I: Instructor, TA: Teaching Assistant, G: Grader;
u: undergraduate-level course, g: graduate-level course

University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business

  • Introduction to Statistical Methodsu (QMETH 201): Sum2022I, Aut2022TA
  • Business Statisticsg / Probability and Statisticsg / Data Analysisg (Statistics course in various graduate programs): Win2017TA, Aut2017TA, Win2018TA, Sum2018TA, Aut2018TA, Win2019TA, Sum2019TA, Aut2019TA, Win2020TA, Sum2020TA, Win2021TA, Sum2021TA, Win2022TA, Sum2022TA, Win2023TA
  • Project Managementg (OPMGT 550): Spr2022TA
  • Introduction to Operations Managementg (OPMGT 502): Aut2021TA
  • Principles of Operations Managementu (OPMGT 301): Win2020G, Aut2020G, Spr2022TA
  • Decision Modelingg / Spreadsheet Modelingg / Business Decision Modelsg (Decision Modeling course in various graduate programs): Spr2018TA, Sum2018TA, Spr2019TA, Sum2019TA, Spr2020TA, Sum2020G

University of Washington, College of Arts & Sciences

  • Statistics for Social Sciencesu (STAT 221): Spr2017TA, Aut2020TA, Spr2021TA
  • Advanced Macroeconomicsu (ECON 401): Aut2021G
  • Economic Analysis of the Lawu (ECON 408): Spr2016G
  • Topics in Financial Economicsu (ECON 423): Spr2016G
  • Introduction to Macroeconomicsu (ECON 201): Win2016TA, Aut2016TA
  • Introduction to Microeconomicsu (ECON 200): Aut2015TA

Seattle University, Albers School of Business and Economics

  • Principles of Macroeconomicsu (ECON 2130): Spr2023I

Statements of Teaching Philosophy and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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